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Where Have You Lost Golf Balls?

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Lost golf balls are something that you come to get used to as a regular golfer, especially if you are a new to golf. This is why many golfers opt for cheap golf balls when they are practising because if you keep losing golf balls it can become a very expensive hobby! But where have you lost golf balls? Maybe in the woods near the gold course, perhaps in a tree, maybe a few in the lake and some lost golf balls that are just never to be seen again?

Well we thought we would share with some of the weirdest places that lost golf balls have been found. America claims that 540 million golf balls are sold each year and of these around 300 million are lost – but where are these lost golf balls?

Research from Discover Wildlife explains that foxes generally carry eggs away from nests; they may eat them immediately or bury them to save them for eating later. Foxes are sometimes confused by golf balls when they are found in the woods and think that your lost golf ball is an egg that they will the take away and bury.

Alternatively your lost golf ball could be in a snake, there was a story in The Daily Mail a few years back about a snake that had to be operated on as it looked like it was in an advanced stage of pregnancy and had been for some time, but the snake was male. When operating on the snake the vets found that the snake had consumed four cheap golf balls.

You may find that your lost golf ball is in a dog as reported in another article by The Daily Mail. Zeus, a Doberman was named the winner of a competition for the most bizarre things pets have eaten – Zeus had managed to eat 26 golf balls; could one of these have been your lost golf ball?

Some owners of hens and chickens are also collecting lost golf balls and cheap golf balls to encourage nesting hens to lay eggs. This is becoming an increasingly popular use for lost and cheap golf balls in the UK so this may be where you can find your lost golf ball?

So now it’s your turn to tell us, where is the strangest place you have lost a golf ball?

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